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Custom Files
Warning: Some leagues do not allow the use of any custom files.

1.3 Cameraman Configs    Unzip to \dod\
1.3 Darker Scoreboard    Unzip to \dod\resource\
1.3 Silent Ambience Sounds    Unzip to \dod\sound\ambience\
1.3 Silent Quake Sounds    Unzip to \dod\
1.3 Custom Crosshairs    Unzip to \dod\sprites\
1.3 Cypher's Mini-map Sprites    Unzip to \dod\sprites\  * New (8/9/09)
Source Improved FPS Config    Unzip to \dod\cfg\
Source Darker Scoreboard    Unzip to \dod\resource\
Source Silent Ambience Sounds    Unzip to \dod\sound\Ambient\
CPL Mouse Fix    Run to install registry settings  * New (8/9/09)

DOD 1.3 Map Strats

dod_anzio   Movie: Good .30 Cal MG Spots
Click here for the bell tower location image  
dod_anzio   Bounce your nade where the crosshair is located at the angle shown
to nade the ruins from the plaza windows
dod_donner   Movie: Some good places to throw nades on dod_donner  
dod_avalanche   The area under this slab is in the middle cap zone  
dod_chemille   A good hiding place at underpass  
dod_solitude   You are virtually invisible in this bush  
dod_koln   One of two good axis MG spots  
dod_koln   The best MG spot on dod_koln. Although this is well known.