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How to Make DOD 1.3 Configs

Step 1:
First, create a config where the allies and the axis get the same points for each flag and each flag has a unique value.

Five flag map example:
mp_clan_scoring_values_allies "12345"
mp_clan_scoring_values_axis "12345"

This will allow you to determine which flags fall at which point in the cvar string. More on this in a second. For those that wish to see the test configs you may download them here:

Step 2:
Enter an empty server and exec the test config. If there is more than one 2+ man cap you will need help from another person, so that you can cap the flags.

Next, write down on a piece paper a number for each flag the map contains. For example on a five-flagged map you would write down on the paper:

1 2 3 4 5

Then you make the map go live by typing "mp_clan_restartround 1" in console. You then cap one flag at a time and note the value. You do not cap the next flag until you have the point value for the flag you just capped. Then, you match up that value with the number you have written on the paper. If you cap the allies' first flag and in a few seconds you see "The Allies have scored 3 points." then you know that you should write "allies first" under the 3 on the paper. Since the allies are already getting 3 points for that flag you must subtract 3 from the next flag you cap. If you cap the allies' second flag and the server returns "The Allies have scored 5 points". Then you know that the allies' second flag is point number 2 (5 - 3 = 2). You now must subtract 5 (the total of the previous two) from the point value the next flag gives you. You continue this process until you have identified all the flags on the map.

Step 3:
For example let's say you found the following:
1: axis second
2: allies second
3: allies first
4: mid
5: axis first

These numbers now correspond to the numbers in your cvar string. You can now replace these numbers with the point values you wish. If you want 2 for the middle flag and 1 point for each enemy flag, but 0 for your own this is how you would structure the config (using the example above):

mp_clan_scoring_values_allies "10021"
mp_clan_scoring_values_axis "01120"

You the need to save the config under a different name. Usuaully configs are named with the league prefix followed by an underscore and then the map name without any beta suffixes or game prefixes. As an example, if the league name was ABC league and the map was dod_somemap_b5 the config name would be abc_somemap.cfg

Step 4:
Next, create a copy of your newly created config and rename it to have an _ot on the end of the filename. The filename for the above config would be abc_somemap_ot.cfg. This will be your overtime config. In the TPG 3v3 league I include an overtime config for every map and make it known to the teams that it exists. This avoids any confusion if a match must proceed into overtime.

Open up the newly copied file and add a "mp_timelimit #" line under the line that begins with "exec". That line is a new time limit (mp_timelimit). The only difference between the regulation rounds and overtime is the time limit. Here is an example from a TPG 3v3 overtime config:

exec tpgbasic3.cfg
mp_timelimit 5

This works because the new mp_timelimit command will override the mp_timelimit command that was executed in the basic.cfg file. The basic.cfg file contains the league defaults for use across all maps.

Step 5
Test your configs in a mock or real scrim. There is NO EXCUSE for not testing your configs. When teams and players use an incorrect config it makes your league look really bad. Make sure your config works properly before releasing it to the public!