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Active Players:
BuLLeT FoDDeR      Heavy Gimp/Unibrow        September 2002 
Quackleduck Rifle   August 2003
Herpes      Rifle Porn Horder August 2003
DarKnight                 Auto/MG42  Belly Flopper October 2003
defrag  Rifle  Racist November 2003
Alphawave Light Swimming Up River November 2003
C1   Rifle/Heavy C1 Happened January 2004
Hoolyz      Heavy Finnish Lagger April 2004 
mikeh   Rifle          November 2004
fluxxinator Rifle   April 2005
parkus Light August 2009
Dan Heavy September 2009

HeaT      Light  Founder November 2001
MethoD                   Rifle Founder November 2001
S0ckMnKy      Heavy Tent Pitcher  July 2003
Patio McFurniture   Sniper Missing Matches August 2003

Steam Community Group For Current and Former Sp3c Members
Contact BuLLeT FoDDeR for an invite.