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Old Sp3c Information and Image Repository

From this page you can find any old information regarding the Sp3c|aLisT DOD Team that is no longer available on the front page. Everything on this page was before the rebirth of Sp3c with the exception of the image repository which is kept up-to-date with the latest images.

Table of Contents

Old Match History

Please note the end of the CAL-I summer 2005 season is missing screenshots as BuLLeT stopped keeping track of this information after the chemille match was overturned. If anyone has any screenshots from this season or from the following season's preseason please send them to BuLLeT. The page will remain as it was the moment stopped being updated that season.

Also, note that the majority of the screenshots of Sp3c's first DOD Source season in CAL are also missing. Sp3c disbanded at the conclusion of this season after being defeated by Ostrich in the playoffs. If anyone has screenshots from this season please send them to BuLLeT. Thank you.

Old DOD 1.3 Matches
Old DOD Source Matches

Movies and Clips

"Prone To Own" Movie
"Prone To Own 2" Preview - File Lost
Clutch KoBalt
Patio Furniture double-snipe through walls on dod_donner - 4:30 Mark
Drop The MG and Let's Cap This Shit DarKnight!
Good .30 Cal MG Spots on dod_anzio
dod_harrington BAR snipe
BuLLeT Ninja Attempt
BuLLeT BAR Snipes an MG vs. 3LM (pic)
Fastball on dod_kalt vs. 3LM (pic)
Sewer kill on dod_kalt vs. 3LM
Answer to Mr. Ballzeh about nade placement
Kills on dod_donner vs. [GXA] - Allies 1
Kills on dod_donner vs. [GXA] - Allies 2
Kills on dod_donner vs. [GXA] - Allies 3
Kills on dod_donner vs. [GXA] - Axis 1
Great BAR single shot snap-shot on dod_koln in CAL Classic
Pre-fire Right to the head on dod_koln in CAL Classic
TPG 3v3 Ownage + Cap - File Lost (pic)

CAL Logo History

First CAL Logo
Second CAL Logo
Third CAL Logo
CAL Logo Made by ReD
Last CAL Logo
Last CAL Logo Variation 1
Last CAL Logo Variation 2

Old Server Ads

These ads are from when Sp3c used to run theme nights on their public server. The most famous of which was definitely Bazooka Ice Wars where it was bazookas only with no friction on snow maps such as dod_kalt.

Bazooka Ice Wars
British Night - (Stripper 2 Configs)
Low Grav Melee

Old Web Pages

These are old web pages that appeared on, but are no longer in use or relevant. There will most likely be missing images and broken links.

News postings from 2005
Forums for Sp3c|aLisT from 2003
Recruiting page from 2003
Old website from 2003
Old CAL-O Page


Pizzabagels was a clan created by former Sp3c member Quackleduck. It had several Sp3c members in the clan including BuLLeT, Herpes, DarKnight, and Quackleduck. The Pizzabagels website was mirrored on and they competed in the Winter CPL 2004. Below is the old website of the Pizzabagels along with several scrim and match screenshots.

Official Pizzabagels Website
Pizzabagels Matches
Pizzabagels Scrims
"Move Quackle" Video Clip
"BuLLeT To Your Head" Video Clip
BuLLeT prone in bushes at Winter CPL 2004
BuLLeT and Grumpyalf mock capping dod_harrington at Winter CPL 2004
Old TPG 3v3 Page on  * New (8/1/09)

Bald, Fat, and Gimped

Below are a few screenshots of the TPG 3v3 team Bald, Fat, and Gimped. The starting roster of that team was BuLLeT (gimped), BuLLeT's BaLD DaD (bald), and S0ckMnkY (fat).

BFG TPG 3v3 Screenshots

Miscellaneous Images

BuLLeT Summer 2005 CPL ID Tag  * New (8/16/09)
BuLLeT Winter 2004 CPL ID Tag  * New (8/16/09)
BuLLeT makes the game less fun  * New (8/4/09)
"BuLLeT your invulnerability shield is hot"  * New (8/1/09)
Wint0 doesn't like BuLLeT's ninja cap  * New (8/1/09)
BuLLeT negs bradicus  * New (8/1/09)
Iron City Evil's first match (might be a scrim?)  * New (8/1/09)
Got Frag? thinks "Source is bad" is a swear word  * New (8/1/09)
Stevie from Revolution Sports on the dreN ban  * New (8/1/09)
Sp3c large banner  * New (8/1/09)
Sp3c small banner  * New (8/1/09)
The Grand Heffelflopper
Mocking I AM's tag in IGL (bullet lagged out)
Image made for BuLLeT by Alphawave
BuLLeT's BFE Flag Capping Medal
$aC's "server in my closet" 3 ping screenshot
"in conclusion bullet is bad and prones like a horrible" -Hudson
BuLLeT's old 1911 sig from when he had a really lag machine
Google wants you to find cheats
Yahoo wants you to find cheats
Screenshot of dod_anzio_b1's plaza
Screenshot of dod_anzio_b1's spawn house exit
The original planned layout of dod_anzio
Screenshot of dod_thunder_b1's allied first flag
Screenshot of dod_thunder_b1's middle flag
Sp3c|aLisT Dog Tag made by S0ckMnkY
Kobalt and BuLLeT's race to 100 kills
Why a foot shot sometimes means a headshot in DOD 1.3
GDF players stand at attention
Got Frag needs better servers
Some people have no life
No one pubs the CAL MOTW
What a dumb Steam feature
Got Frag admins hate BuLLeT
Kellen gets owned
Planned Axis Morser class
Planned Allies Mortar class
Hoolyz spells n00b with his keyboard keys
The end of Gamesnet IRC network
Prostar at Summer CPL 2006
The actual image of Prostar (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT!)
The local LAN reaction to Prostar
BuLLeT knifes his pub impersonator
Alphawave owns EX-PUNGE with the rocket
BuLLeT's favorite pub screenshot 1
BuLLeT's favorite pub screenshot 2
BuLLeT's first ever DOD scrim
Sp3c in CAL-I screenshot 1
Sp3c in CAL-I screenshot 2
dblunt camps the suze... in vent
BuLLeT owns an MG in the CAL-O playoffs
TK-fest 2004
TPG-ac|Jacks bans from movies
MexicanT goes 19-61 on LAN
BuLLeT's BaLD DaD's first pub performance
BuLLeT's BaLD DaD owns Kobalt
BuLLeT's BaLD DaD owns BuLLeT
BuLLeT's BaLD DaD owns dblunt