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  Welcome Sp3c|aLisT DOD Team's Website

Posted: Sun. July 19, 2009 11:17 a.m. EST
Welcome to the site of one of the most well known teams in the history of DOD. Sp3c started out as a pub clan in the early betas of the game and grew into a powerhouse in the leagues losing only one game in our first season in CAL Open. We since went on to CAL Invite, TPG Upper, and playing at the CPL. We even played a season of CAL DOD Source. On this site you can find not only information about the Sp3c clan, but also many useful and historical pages about DOD and DOD Source. Some of these pages include the Past Champions page, links to community websites and map downloads, tutorials, and helpful files. I hope you find these pages useful and thanks for visiting!