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DOD Config Scripts

Automatic Match Screenshots With Mini-Map (then turns Mini-map off):
Courtesy of Smeltn.  Note: Snipers scope before pushing.
1. In Autoexec.cfg place:
   alias w5 "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
   alias MatchSS "_cl_minimap 2; w5; snapshot; wait; +showscores; w5;
        snapshot; wait; -showscores; _cl_minimap 0"

2. Bind a key to "MatchSS" in config.cfg. Example:
   bind "key" "MatchSS"

Display Scores, Timeleft, and Nextmap:
1. In config.cfg put:
   bind "key" "+showscores; timeleft; nextmap"

Improved Drop Weapons Key
Rebind your drop weapons key to the following to allow you to drop your primary weapon no matter what weapon you currently have out:
1. In config.cfg put:
   bind "key" "slot4; slot3; drop"

Binding a key to change your name when your name contains spaces:
1. Create a new file in your "dod" folder (such a name.cfg).
2. Put this command in it:
   name "[Sp3c] - Your Name"
3. In config.cfg put:
   bind "key" "exec name.cfg"

Display the minimap like the scoreboard
Courtesy of TwisT
Push the key to display the minimap and when you release it the minimap will disappear.
1. In Autoexec.cfg place:
   alias "+mini" "_cl_minimap 2"
   alias "-mini" "_cl_minimap 0"
2. Bind a key to "+mini" in config.cfg. Example:
   bind "key" "+mini"

Rotate through weapon settings
1. In Autoexec.cfg place:
   alias weapon "rifle"
   alias rifle "cl_xhair_style 0; sensitivity 1; alias weapon STG"
   alias STG "cl_xhair_style 1; sensitivity 2; alias weapon BAR"
   alias BAR "cl_xhair_style 2; sensitivity 3; alias weapon rifle"
The list above can grow to as many options as you want as long as the last option listed returns back to the very first option.
2. Bind a key to "weapon" in config.cfg. Example:
   bind "key" "weapon"

Sp3c-Hoolyz's Rate Changer
Click here for Sp3c-Hoolyz's rate changing script.
Perfect for those players who play globally.