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Ventrilo Tips

Running Multiple Ventrilo Clients

How To Backup Your Ventrilo Server Connection Information

  • Copy this file to your backup device of choice:
    C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\Ventrilo\ventrilo2.ini
How to deal with shared servers with a TON of channels

The first step is to make the channel you use the default channel to join. Steps:

The second step is to collapse all the channels you do not want to see. Steps:

Reconnect and notice you will join your channel and the rest will be collapsed. Also, note that any sub-channels in your primary channel will also please collapse. I simply join those 1 by 1 real quick to expand them.

Advanced Channel Communication

In team games you often do not want to bother your teammates with chat intended only for the people in your general area. One way to solve this is to create advanced binds that will allow you to talk to a specific channel, a group of sub-channels, and to one individual user. Sp3c used to run multiple Ventrilo channels and each "group" would have its own channel. For example on dod_anzio the bridge team would have their own channel and the plaza team would have their own channel. I would use my normal talk key to talk to my group and use an advanced bind to talk to both my team and the bridge team. This kept chatter that the other squad didn't need to hear from being broadcast to them. I also usually setup a user-to-user bind to talk directly to my sniper. This was important on maps such as dod_donner where the sniper had a good view of the entire middle. Below are the images of how to setup the advanced binds.