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Past DOD League Champions

DOD Source Leagues DOD Leagues

Sunlit's DOD League

League Started With DOD 1.3
1 GIMP    
2 GIMP    
3 Gun Slingin' Southerners    
4 Gun Slingin' Southerners    
5 Devil's Brigade    
6 GIMP    
League Switched to DOD Source
7 GIMP    
8 TooN    
9 82nd Rangers   De Novo
10 Leathernecks   Pub Starz
11 Let God Sort'em Out   imperfection
12 Storm Troopers    
13 pub$tarZ    
14 Omega Gaming    
15 pcp>>    
16 T3 Gaming   JtF2
17 TEAM COLEMAN B0o N`sync
18 sv_   (SEX)
19 [TCB]   choriZ0!
20 Guerilla Partisans   deadlift
League Canceled After Season 20
Notes: TooN and De Novo are the same team just renamed. Pub Starz and imperfection are the same team just renamed.


Cyberahlete Amateur League (DOD Source)

1 Grand Clan   ostrich  
2 Delta Company   Visual Gaming  
3 Menace To Society Passive Aggressor Visual Gaming  
4 50 Calibre Gaming   OhNoes Check Six
5 Think Twice   Frag Dominant compLexity
6 Mantastic 6   Enervate Gaming Nomadic Soldiers
7 Epitome   Notik EX
8 Surprise in a box   The Chosen Ones shrek's winning awesome team
9 Never Xpected   STFU Im Out! hijacked
Notes: CAL-O Season 1 Grand Clan defeated Nomadic Soldiers by the match being overturned due to NS playing with an ineligible player. Ostrich and Visual Gaming are the same team. Between Season 3 and 4 division Main became Invite and Division Intermediate became Main. In Season 5 the Cone of Fire plugin was used.


The Proving Grounds (Formerly TPG2)

League Started With DOD 1.3
1 LS247 Can't Operate Weapons Team risK
2 sKillGamer'z Nexus RBC
3 handicap Gun Slingin' Southerners vEx
League Switched to DOD Source
4 Nomadic Soliders    
5 Go F*** Yourself   TooN
6 Totally Cool Boys Tech-Vue Visual Gaming
7 Pancake Time Vice Pub Starz
8 kinetic gaming   Nothing 2 Prove
9 Excellence Violence e-sports    
League Canceled After Season 9
Notes: Pub Starz and Nothing 2 Prove are the same team just renamed.


The Proving Grounds 3v3 (DOD Source)

1 Clan [Pokemon]
League Canceled After Season 1


CAL Steel Series 5v5 Tournament (DOD Source)

1 Deadbolt Skull Gaming
Upper Tier:
Skull Gaming, 1st Place: 5 SteelSound 4H Headsets
ghadGaming, 2nd Place: 5 SteelPad S&S solo Mousepads
Red Fusion, 3rd Place: 5 SteelPad QcK heavy Mousepads
Team Stick'em, 4th Place: 5 SteelPad Qck mini Mousepads

Lower Tier:
Deadbolt, 1st Place: 5 SteelSound 3H Headsets
Mug N Mouse, 2nd Place: 5 SteelPad S&S solo Mousepads
w0rd Gaming Syndicate, 3rd Place: 5 SteelPad Qck mini Mousepads


The Proving Grounds (DOD 1.3)

1 None Declared      
2 Fx   East Upper: Urban Legends
      West Upper: QGB Rage
3 Blitzkrieg Squad   Pokemon 5.o
4 36th Infantry Division     Fx
5 Anti-Virus     Dirty Ghetto Fucks
6 Killers In The Woods     Fx
7 GIMP   DerStuhl aCtion
8 Pub-X Victory Party Itchy Trigger Finger Anti-Virus
9 Something With An A Quebec Patriots Detachment Alpha Inevitable Demise
10 Emerald Force Ghost Rise of Legends Infinity Gaming
11 General Infantry Surprise In A Box Rise of Legends skull
12 revamped      
13 Victory Party   Cal Teriblez ARMY
14 RancH!   DoppleGanger Syndicate ARMY
15 Not Impressed   Markomania Habibs Money Crew
16 Fallen Soldiers Reborn   Xtremely Tasty Cupcakes Super!
17 Nascidos Pro Game   Dynasty THUNDER
18 With class   agaXando Nascidos Pro Game
19 DeucesWild   Man the Periscope  
20 Game Spy Rangers   Brittany's Vent Crew  
21 Natural Born Killers   Man the Periscope  
22 This Romantic Tragedy (USA)   [B]add
  DreamWorks (South America)    
23 Donkey PunchN Krew (USA)     iwa
  DreamWorks (South America)    
24 Shut Up and Party (USA)     iwa
  CNB Gaming (South America)    
25 Heavy Hitters (USA)     THUNDER
  DreamWorks (South America)    
26 codename:killers   Mindflow THUNDER
27 Kevlar's Widowers Kevlar Soul 3xtreme Humiliation G.SKILL
Notes: The season 1 finals match was never played due to a scheduling dispute. Season 2 had separate east and west divisions for Upper. In TPG-M season 21 Man the Periscope won by the match being overturned since Evil Geniuses played with a banned player. Season 22 [B]add is dgf renamed.


The Proving Grounds 3v3 (DOD 1.3)

1 Unsung Heroes    
2 69th Cowfantry   Unsung Heroes
3 Allied Army Mixed   Elite [Ass]asins
4 Victory Party   Synergy
5 Storm Troopers    
6 None Declared   The Unbathed and Unshaved
7 Last Full Measure   LoLLerBombs
8 Multi Kill Teammates Cute Animal Cult iCON
9 Up In Smoke   Sly Player |s Near
10 Organization of the Zodiac   Emergency Measures Taken!
11 NorthSquad   Total Annihilation˛
12 Total Annihilation˛    
13 Shadow Gaming    
14 [JAZ&CO]    
15 Kool Kids Klub    
16 Sem Dó Nem Piedade    
17 Dirty Ghetto Fucks    
Notes: In season 6 there was no winner of the lower division because neither team ever agreed on a time to play the match.


Cyber Evolution (DOD 1.3)

Season 1 AlmostPro Complexity
League Canceled After Season 1, but later restarted.
Tourney 1 jetty  
Season 2    
Notes: None


Cyberahlete Amateur League (DOD 1.3)

1 101st Airborne      
2 Neo Hunting Nation     NUDE Clan
3 Dead 3dge Krew     Vigilante Elite
4 Sucks At DOD   Team LOL Vigilante Elite
5 None Declared   Dirty Ghetto Fucks Shockwave
6 Shut up and Die   [e]xceptional GameWyze
7 Zero Effect B. B. of Bastogne Team Ronin Menace To Society
8 Pineriders SKULL Trademark Check Six
9 Chechnyan Sex Bombs Awesome Sauce irresistible Trademark
10 pernicious Vengeance That's A Paddlin New Dominion Check Six
11 Flashpoint Gaming Royalty vEx CompLexity
12 Precision exceLLence   GIMP LATELATELATE
13 Victory Party oldsKool irawrgamers CompLexity
14 popuLarity Victory Party flat-out  
League Canceled During Season 15, but later restarted
16 Omega Open:  LATELATELATE    
  Theta Open:    PaNdAdoGz    
17 Nascidos Pro Game   Thats A Paddlin'  
18 ProFound   Good 4 Nothing Frag Dominant
19 High Precision   NoGo Gaming Faction  
20 Led by Element Elite Assassins jetty  
League Canceled During Season 21
Notes: CAL-O Season 4 was won on an overturned match when IRS of Unknown Killaz was caught cheating. CAL-O Season 5 was between vtec and 1st Infantry Division, but both teams were disqualifed in the finals. That match happened to go into overtime. Also, Team LOL and Shockwave were the same team, but renamed. d3k was a short-lived break off of UGA. Check Six was also formerly known as GameWyze. In CAL-IM season 10 That's A Paddlin won by the match being overturned since Dying Breed played with a banned ringer. Trademark and Complexity are the same team, but renamed.


Cyberathlete Professional League (DOD 1.3)

Summer 2006:
1st Place: compLexity         $5,100
2nd Place: Revolution Sports  $2,700
3rd Place: dicE               $1,600
4th Place: PhrenetiK          $900
5th Place: aborted            $0
6th Place: Pandemic           $0
Summer 2005:
1st Place: Check Six         $9,000
2nd Place: compLexity        $6,900
3rd Place: Pandemic          $5,100
4th Place: Rats of Tobruk    $3,600
5th Place: Highball          $2,400
6th Place: Unknown Killerz   $1,500
Winter 2004:
1st Place: Highball          $3,000
2nd Place: Check Six         $2,500
3rd Place: Karma Police      $2,000
4th Place: Lawn Chair Mafia  $1,500
5th Place: Xeno              $1,000
Notes: Lawn Chair Mafia and Pandemic are the same team. Unknown Killaz and Karma Police are also the same team. Revolution Sports and XENO are also the same team.


The Proving Grounds 7v7 (DOD 1.3)

4 Game0n Fusion
5 Infantry From Hell 5.o
Notes: TPG 7v7 season numbers corresponded with TPG 6v6 season numbers as they were played concurrently.


Stronger Than All (DOD 1.3)

No information could be located for seasons 1 through 4.
5 [DiNk]    
8 MP reV STR
9 Ghost   P08
10   Alamo Scouts STR
League Canceled During Season 11
Notes: Need full names for the clans and information about the first 4 seasons.